Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fitness Expert labels Doctors push for Lap Band funding irresponsible

Personal Trainer offers guaranteed 5 – 18 kilo weight loss program as answer.

Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer, Bianca Aiono from Exclusive Personal Training says

the Queensland government needs to put more funding in community based health and

wellness programs not more lap band surgeries. Miss Aiono says for the same cost of one

patients surgery, 10 people could be put through 12 week programs that educate,

motivate and create life long sustainable habits instead of creating a band-aid solution. She

asks, “If our children are obese, and children learn from their parents, is Australia soon going

to be a nation of third generation lap band patients? Promoting this as a solution to this health

crisis is irresponsible and gives overweight people the impression authorities think healthy

eating, gentle exercise, and a little self discipline is beyond their reach."

She says “ It just doesn’t make sense to me, you can’t reduce the intake of a 6ft 3

man to eating only half a cup of food six times a day, a 15 year old girl eats more than that .

By severely restricting calories you are slowing down the metabolism, and promoting muscle

wastage not fat burning.“ Miss Aiono offers to educate readers with a free special

report “ Finally – the Truth About How To Lose Weight” – Top Personal Trainer and

Fitness Coach Reveals Insider Secrets The Weight Loss And Fitness Industries Don’t Want

You To Know which you can order by visiting or calling her on

0433 147 833.

Miss Aiono has had experience working with lap band patients post surgery, and has heard of

patients sucking on chocolate and drinking coke all day or replacing their food compulsion with

another addiction such as gambling. One patient discovered standing up meant that gravity

allowed him to force more through the lap band and others developed bulimia because they

realised they could just keep binging on all the wrong foods as their body would just through it

up again and again.

Exclusive Personal Training programs take clients through a fitness and weight loss

programwhich uses fun and self esteem building cardiovascular exercise in a team

environment as well as one on one situations. The program also entails muscle building

resistance workouts and nutritional coaching to completely overhaul the lives of participants.

Miss Aiono has so much faith in the programs she offers a guaranteed 5 to 18kilogram weight

loss or she will refund the entire program investment. “It’s a trust development thing, because

essentially our clients know if we don’t work together to get them their results – we don’t get

paid ! “

The most significant outcome of the program though is the butterfly effect of these

programs where participants as they make their own positive changes, in turn will affect the

lifestyles of their partners, families and social circles and create a much greater impact on

Australia’s obesity epidemic than increased funding to lap band surgery.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Jacked Up On ... Creatine !

Just a quick note to say training is going awesome, thanks to my fantastic trainer Kelli Johnson I am loving the high rep training and the results they are already bringing !
I have never trained my legs this hard before, so I am expecting great things ! And my shoulders are already beefing up ! nice one! Thanks Kel for your spin on things, it is keeping me sane and focused!

This is the first time I have been really regularly taking creatine and lgultamine - having not quite grasped how important they are before now. I did a heavy back and bi's session yesterday and went to turn my ipod off which was clipped on to my shoulder strap - I got a real fright ! Try as I might, I couldn't get past my pumped up bicep to reach it ! Then i started cracking up, all the while still trying, he he.... i know, doesn't take much to entertain me these days! Although it would have looked pretty funny to everyone else at the gym!

We just had a great session in Beerwah with Boxing, shadow boxing with sand filled gatorade bottles ( they get a lot heavier than you think !) and a few steeple chase laps (* including hurdles !) Congratulations on making it thru week 3, you guys have made some amazing progress. Go Makeeta for losing 3% Body fat already !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tall Poppy Syndrome - you know they're just jealous !

One of the negative things about creating Total Body Transformations and helping people completely reshape their bodies AND their lives - is how much attention it attracts. Now, this isn't always annoying, a lot of the time it is really positive, the double takes from people passing you by in the street, the comments from the sales ladies in the dressing rooms and of course the comments from friends "How's your training going ? Jeez you're looking great! What are you doing ? "and then it does also attract a lot of the well meaning "advice" that ends up confusing you more than helping - ie

"My trainer says you're doing too much interval training"
"Terry White says you should be drinking this !"
"I'm an ex football champion superstar martial artist kungfu master and I know it ALL, yep I'm pretty much GOD's gift to women - so listen to me as your formally qualified and certified trainer with 14 years in the Health and Fitness Industry obviously doesn't know what she's talking about" *

* I know you know atleast one person who's like this don't you ;) he he he

But more destructively it also attracts women ( i'm sorry to say - but it really is mostly is my fellow woman ! ) and snide remarks, bitchy gossip behind your back and petty rumours spread around - pretty much it's the women that have been struck down with a near terminal case of Tall Poppy syndrome!

That's right - they are totally threatened that you have got the guts to follow the goals that they have only ever let themselves dream about. Ask them this - Would it make you feel a little bit better about yourself if I put on some weight ? You know, if I start eating some junk food, stop working out and watch more dvd's? Would that make you happy?

Well sorry ! But it won't ! And as if you'd do it anyway !

I make no apologies for training hard, eating well, looking good and for helping my clients to make some absolutely amazing transformations . And you know what - they do look amazing - check out those before and after photos !

You know, it's possible for anyone to do it - it just takes a little bit of faith. So - for my clients who experience a bit of TPS ( as you will sometime over the next 12 weeks ) from not so well meaning neighbours, family members or "frenemies" have a little compassion. Put yourself in your frenemie's shoes... there you are - going after something you want. You've put your hard earned money on the line, you've gotten up at the crack of dawn, done countless lunges and squats and damn right you look good - after all that preparation you deserve to! So of course they're going to feel a little threatened, a little frumpy and sluggish next to you, and of course, they're probably turning bright green with envy as every kilo of fat just melts off you !

Stick with it girls and guys, cos those frenemies - they don't wanna be " like Mike" they wanna be just like YOU ! They want the success that YOU'VE GOT !

Well - now that I've got that off my chest --- moving on !

Thanks to Mel for reading this blog and giving me a shout out ! Please don't hesitate to leave a comment, i love to know that what I write is making an impact for you. Cos I spose - you just don't know what you don't know .. until you know it ! So why would you ever ask for it ? Hence my blog to help you find it all out :)

Big Thank you out there to Jules Dempster for referring Wayne & Adrienne to our Beerwah Fit Body Factory sessions. First week nearly done, jeez i gave everyone a bit of a smashing last nite ! Well - i just got a bit carried away when I could see how determined everyone was in their faces and their eyes! I think it's really great we've done the S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting before this challenge ( that's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time frame - thanks to KB & Boris for teaching me that in Under 17's Volleyball ! ) yeah i can really see that everyone's connected to WHY they are doing this training. As Danna said " When I was doing those shoulder arm thingies in my head i was like WEDDING! WEDDING! WEDDING" - meanwhile the rest of us just heard "AAUUUUGGGGHHHH!" ha ha

Welcome Mel & Petra to our morning North Coast (maroochydore - kawana ) Fit Body Factory sessions, stay tuned for our evening sessions and our morning South Coast FBF sessions ( currimundi - caloundra ) coming soon ! Stay Tuned!

The Moral Of The Real Chicken Wraps Story Is..

So I was driving around on the weekend and I didn't have any meals with me ( naughty naughty! ) so I was racking my brain about what I was going to eat that didn't involve compressed grey matter with flame grilled marks stamped on to it trying to pass it off as chicken. Hence we ruled out subway ! There's something funny tasting about subway salad too - i heard from an insider that it's not as fresh as they claim to be. So then I didn't want to stop in to a servo and grab a tin of tuna, there was no nandos or oportos around ( real chicken breast ) and yeah i know macdonalds do "chicken breast" snack wraps, but I've had the seared one and yes it's okay... but I'm not into the white flour wrap. SO! I thought , i'll wait til I can get a kebab , and try my chances. Well yes... the pita bread was real, the tabouli was real,( really soggy ) the pineapple was real ( really canned and a little bit tart probably from sitting there too long ) and the chicken was real.. boy it was a little bit too real ! It could have looked at me and started clucking it was just a little bit too fatty/pink in the middle ugggh threw that one out and drank an emergency protein shake I had in my car.

So I'm thinking in terms of your best "away" option to getting healthy, quality protein, without too much carbs is something like oporto or nandos... or you could get away with a complete salad from woolies ( no not the pasta ones or the drowned-in-mayo- coleslaws from the deli ) and a barbeque chook - watch out for all the fat though.

But i suppose the moral of the story is just pull your finger out, make it at home and bring it with you !

Or - an alternate moral could be like I have just done - pay my gorgeous friend Becky from Ric's Gourmet International to cook my meal 2,3 & 4 meals for the week ! yessssss!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not really cut out for the Unhealthy Life !

Well, Field Days was a blast, I had a lot of fun, there was WAY too many people though. There was almost a riot trying to get on to the buses at the end- it looked like about 10,000 people all trying to cram in through a door. Oh and of course I lost Pete for that critical hour at the end, I only had his phone, and he didn't realise he had my phone in his back pack! So between paying $10 for a drink and braving the port-a-loos ( soooo disgusting ! ) the terrible rainy windy weather, the girl who flashed me her privates whilst showing someone her gum boot and feeling terrible for the next 2 days I'm pretty sure it wasn't worth it !

And yes, I also had that little experiment going - to see how many calories I could burn dancing... well I managed to get to 3600 calories for the day so I suppose that is a lot . However, considering the hang over food I have been eating since then - I think I have definitely OVER Compensated.

So the conclusion to my study - don't go to a dance festival to think you are going to lose fat because you will either eat too much before, drink too much during, or eat too much after for it to work !

For those of you who know me , know that I drink about 4 drinks all year... so now that on the 4th day of the year I have already gone over my quota I am pretty sure this year is going to be a very very healthy one ! It's hard for me to understand people who routinely write themselves off like that, they train hard during the week and then waste it all over the weekend. But perhaps they don't get as sick as I do afterwards, perhaps I need to be more in training to survive a day/night of drinking... I don't know, but I'm pretty certain I'm going to quit while I am already behind !
My New Years this time was my best yet I reckon ! but my New Years Eve this time was my best yet - watching Sex and the City reruns in the air conditioning in between having a good chat to my neighbour Jules and being in bed by 11! I went for a run first thing in the morning New Years - whilst the whole country had a hang over !

Well, I don't need to make any new years resoultions after this experience - I think the healthy life is much easier to sustain anyway !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Hitting The Ground Running

Isn't it funny how hard it is to push yourself through the inertia of the Christmas holidays when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. It feels a little sacrilege to even think about exercising hard when every day you wake up and it feels like a sunday morning! Well, i've had about 10 Sunday mornings in a row and I'm over it ! I can feel the past week of well... let's just call it "carb loading" and pretend I "meant" to do it... stored as water retention and excess body fat. It's interesting how quickly your body can respond, fortunately it doesn't actually take you too much to lose it again except 10 days of low carb high protein and exercising just doesn't happen as fluently as 10 days of carb loading can ! Hence our dilemma! But fortunately, as I did try to battle the breaker waves of indulgence I am happy to feel like I have already started the ball rolling, or hit the ground running as it were to start of January 2nd with a 700calorie run through the forestry! Actually, it was more like a run, walk and dance in the middle of the forest as I was listening to " Get Shaky" the Ian Carey Project. If anyone had've driven past me they would have thought I was having an epileptic fit !

Well, it's my first musical festival in 2 years tomorrow Summer Field Days and it's my lil sister's first festival ever so I'm really pumped ! Yes I am even going to take my heart rate monitor ( which measures calories burnt also ) and answer that question once and for all - if you really can "dance" off that christmas pudding... I'm interested in finding out how much you do actually burn in one day of running amuck around a field with various dj's and music tents! But I'm not sure how I'm going to take my protein shakes with me as last time I put my shaker it in Pete's camel back and it got lost soo....

Ah dear the troubles of a bodybuilder he he

So anyway I can't wait to get started with all the programs of 2009, we've got FIT BODY FACTORY sessions in Beerwah 6:30pm - 7:30pm MWT, Alexandra Headlands 5:30 - 6:30 PM MTT and Point Cartwright MWF mornings 6:00am - 7:00am. I've got heaps of cool new drills and games and I've already had some great "After" photos of some of the girls who have been training with me so far so I can't wait to see what kind of results this training is going to bring !