Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Miss Ness - An Inspirational Story

I have to stop here and mention one little superstar I met only a few months ago through Starshots Maroochydore - Little Miss Ness.

Ness makes a petite figure, she's very very lean and didn't have much strength or muscle tone. She wasn't really into exercise but she was pumped to come with her workmates to our group training program and see exactly what this stuff was all about.

I remember her first session, her little arms were shaking with the gatorade bottles filled with sand. Her lean stringbean legs quivered with every lunge. And boy, she was so sore EVERYWHERE for the next few days.

But this little pocket rocket showed some dedication to her new found lifestyle change that you don't often see in non -exercisers. Especially for cute attractive slim girls who can eat anything and still look good in a mini skirt ( yes yes, doesn't it make us all nauseous !) She turned up to 4 training sessions most week, set herself a high standard of performance every time and made a concious effort to feed her body like an athlete. High protein, good carbohydrates and plenty of water.

A month or two later we did the beep test, and yes that is it's real name, and yes I do think that beep is just a censored version of what it really should be called!

For those of you who don't know what it is it's a audio program that measures lung capacity ( and mental strength !) by getting you to run back and forth in a 20m shuttle run in time with the beeps. Each level is a minute long, and the pace of the beeps makes you increase your speed with each level. Eventually participants get tired and either their lung capacity makes their breathing too hard and too heavy to sustain or their legs fatigue so that they can't keep up with the speed of the beeps. If the beep sounds before you reach one end of the shuttle you have a chance to "beat the beep" on the way back. If you miss 2 beeps in a row though, you're out.

It's very interesting to see who excels in this test, as there are often "Level Stoppers" which is the term that I give to people who give up at precisely Level 4 shuttle 0 in their mind before their body is really truly exhausted. Giving yourself a goal to do your absolute best wouldn 't matter about the numbers, instead for someone who knew that the Australian Federal Police Entry Requirements was Level 8 , and they worked as hard as they could and got Level 8, shuttle 4. Then that would be someone who had worked to their full potential.

So anyway, Ness did this test about a month after she had started training with us and she got Level 8 - 3 on her first go, this placed Ness in the top 4 of our female clients which is an awesome effort ! At this stage the top female performer was Laura our Osteopath, who loves long distance running, has been training with us for 3 years and had done Level 9 - 3.

As we walked away from the beep test that day Nessie had a quiet word with me " Bianca, do you think, if I stopped smoking and trained really hard over the next 6 weeks, would I be able to beat Level 9 ' 3 ?"

At this stage I didn't even know that she smoked ! So of course "Yes Yes Yes Ness ! That is an AWESOME goal to set yourself."

Now to be honest with you, I used this as ammo to fire Ness up in sessions for a few weeks after this first test but it slipped my mind until the next opportunity for the beep test to happen.

I got a text message " Noo! My alarm didn't go off! I'm devo'd!" Ness had slept in and missed her chance! And what's worse her workmate Dave had made it and excelled with a personal best of 10, 2

The next frantic text said " Are there any more tests this week "

Sure - I wrote back - out at Glass House Mountains a 40minute drive away ! There's one at 5:30 and 6:30 tomorrow.

Whoopsie I forgot to say PM!
So I get a phone call at 5:30am the next day saying I'm lost ? Am I at the right place. Poor ness had rocked up to a morning session instead of an evening session! But it was okay , as we had another womens group starting there at 6am. So she huddled in her car in the dark and waited for us to turn up and set up.

So, when she we finally arrived and did her test 8 weeks later , well , this little super star was amazing.

Not only had she been training her guts out

She had quit smoking !

Not only can she do 50 squat jumps, sprint up hills and more

She has sculpted the legs, back and bum of a lean, strong athlete

Not only did she SMASH her previous personal best of 8,3

She SMASHED the previous top female performers performance by a whole level to get Level 10,2 !

Wow ! What an inspiration

And what a thorn in Dave's side ( pictured with Ness above ) I bet he would have loved to have had her running beside him pushing him along while he was doing his beep test the morning before!

This was great for the ladies at Glass House to see as they have only just started, and Ness's performance spoke volumes to one of our lovely ladies who did a very commendable Level 7,4 Sheree about what you can achieve when you quit smoking.

So even though little miss Ness might be embarassed about making a big deal about her achievement - I can't ! I'm way too excited.

I just love it that she made it her goal, she stuck at it, she had faith in herself and she made it to the top of the proverbial mountain.

The only question I have now is

What next Nessie ?!!

Successful People Do The Things That Unsuccessful People Won't

Okay it's true. When my alarm woke me up at 4:45am I cursed Sammy. I cursed her to the high heavens for getting me up out of bed to bring the tyres to training this morning ( i live a 30 minute drive away from where we train everyone ) .

" But everyone wants the tyres back " i could hear her nagging voice in my head . ( and I could even see a little version of her sticking her fingers up to her face, blowing me a raspberry and saying ner ner ne ner nerrr! )

But I decided to just suck it up, had a shower, had a coffee woke myself and got on my way.

Even though it was dark when I arrived at 5:45 there was an element of ooooh what's going to happen next when I saw the dimly lit point cartwright grounds. Then I realised... this is the kind of things that successful people do, they committ to a goal and set off on a pre-determined path , only focusing on one step at a time. This is how mountains are climbed, how personal bests are achieved and how world records are broken.

I realised... this is the kind of feeling an Olympic Swimmer feels just before diving into the pool for an extra early morning session session in the middle of winter knowing that their rivals are
still snuggled in bed.

These are the things that you do that make other people (friends, family, neighbours, workmates ) look at you like you're crazy, and they wouldnt change places with us for the world.

Until summer comes, and they are feeling fat and frumpy, tired and lethargic and you come bouncing in full of energy, high on the efforts of your morning achievements, looking toned and sculpted and like you are in the prime of your life !

That's what it's all about folks.

It's about doing the things that unsuccesful people can't be bothered to do.

And then it's about reaping the rewards and then flaunting it in their face

I am so joking about the flaunting in their face bit .

( well, it would be fun to flaunt it just a little bit hey ? *strum fingers maliciously like Mr Burns* )

But seriously, this mornings training session and the dedicated clients who wake up in the morning, fight the mist, the wind chill and the darkness inspired me to go on the hardest run i've done in the past 6 weeks.

And damn it felt good !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Challenge - Looking Fit and Sculpted, Just By Being Functionally Fit!

Of late i've decided "I've had enough " of not being into hard training, last few times I've tried to go to the gym i've driven there and then at the last second I just yank the wheel and drive in the opposite direction! (Once it was to go to the Plaza and get a mexicana spud ! yummo! ) he he

But it is also hard not training,- my muscles ache and feel flabby !*(yes it is possible to be both at the same time even if you're an athlete like me ! ) it’s quite hard to get that work/life balance back again, but I am really determined that I don’t want to be an on season/off season figure competitior. Figure competing is a funny demon, it's a challenge for me , not really a passion, it's more of a means to an end, I don’t really feel like you should live your life always feeling like you are depriving yourself ( for some people it isn’t depriving yourself so its cool for them but hey , you know how I like those krispy kremes !

So my mission between now and next June is to get fit/sculpted for a comp overseas but by doing training for beach and indoor volleyball, kickboxing, cycling, pilates, and only 1 or 2 weights sessions a week and looking after my own nutrition *( I pretty much know what I can and can’t get away with by now ! ) I am going to get a bit of training off a few different pt’s to get some ideas on how to do it and see how they do it and then see which gym I feel like joining up at, goodlife is a little out of the way for me at the moment. I want to do amazing feats of strength, and then better it, I want to get pushed past that point where you want to give up, but you don't, then experience the elation after when you complete the task. I wanna be fighting, pulling, stretching, reaching, sprinting, jumping, pressing .... everything. I want that elite feeling of fitness all over again !

And of course there is my amazing mentor Di Shipway - Miss Nabba World Figure, she is awesome, I see myself coming back to see her every 2 – 3 months to see what she thinks has happened to my body and what I should change. She had heaps of really interesting insights on a whole range of topics personal/fitness/ business. It’s like she’s already one or two steps ahead of me bc she’s experienced so much she already has a view on whatever issue I bring to her !

So yeah , Taking this approach to being an allround fitness ROLE model is way more inspiring to me than trying to be “the most beautiful woman in the world” which is such a ridiculous contest but it’s almost what figure competing is … I had way more fun in the Oxygen shoot , it was more about working together as a team to play up my good points, not differentiate me from others by my weak points ! does that make sense ?

I still want experiences, I just don’t’ want to be chained down by them .

I'm looking forward to this next challenge of being fit and sculpted - just by doing the things that make you that way . I can't really stomach another 3 sets of this for 20 then 3 sets of that for 30... Next year will be a different story because I will be motivated to step up on stage at a completely new and different level for my own sense of personal acheivement. Oh yeah and for the photos !

Hopefully we will sell and only move 2 houses down so here’s hoping, ( then I’l already have a studio and an attached office ! ) oh by t he way, I’ve got 6 dogs now we rescued one from the pound !

Okay anyway , I will catch up with Peita she’s been working at the Wesley Weight Management clinic and I just need an official stamp of approval that what I’m doing is heading people in the right direction but anytime you need advice or wanna

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Personal Trainer Helps Locals Trim Both Waistlines And Shopping Bills

In harsh economic times like these it is often the so called luxuries that are first to
fall by the way side, including gym memberships and personal trainers with potentially disastrous results on Australia’s already generous waistlines. Bianca Aiono from Exclusive Personal Training has made it her mission to show Sunshine Coast residents how they can save money on their food bills, get fit and lose weight in a low cost, money back guaranteed 12 week program. The program provides a support network to corporate workers and families that not only helps reduce medical costs in the long term but also shows participants how they can still get fit and have fun on a shoe string budget.

Bianca says “ Cardiovascular disease is Australia’s biggest killer costing our country
over 7 billion dollars each year, so it just makes me so angry when times get tough people are forced to cut back on their health and fitness programs. What is that going to cost our country in the long term?” Bianca says her own weight loss struggle from overweight teen to champion Body Sculptor has lasted over ten years and is the foundation of her training and nutritional system which she says works for everybody, every time. Bianca has so much faith in the accountability and fun atmosphere her group training sessions provide she offers a 100% money back guarantee that her participants will get the results they want. To prove it to local residents Bianca is offering one free week of Small Group Personal Training and a free fitness consultation to our readers when they contact her on 0433 147 833 or by visiting .

Karli Styles, a self employed graphic designer from Landsborough lost 5 kilos with Bianca’s
program. “ At first I was worried about meeting the costs of both a fitness program and the food for a healthy eating plan but the kids can eat the same food I’m eating. Also, now that I don’t buy so much extra processed junk I’m actually saving money on my grocery bills.” Bronwyn Reifit a single mum of 3 from Caloundra West was also concerned with her childrens eating habits before joining the program. Bronwyn says “ I’ve lost over 12 kilos and have heaps more energy with the eating plan and the kids are really happy. The lifestyle changes we’ve made together have helped us all as a family. I didn’t realise I was actually wasting $50 a week or more by eating convenience foods”

29 year old Brooke Sugars from Currimundi says “Before joining Exclusive Personal Training group sessions I used to spend $100 a week on smokes, so now that I’ve quit it’s like Bianca’s actually paying me $40 just to exercise ! I love training outside I just couldn’t go back to a gym now. “

Bianca explains because her programs are held in parks and at people’s homes they don’t
have the same overheads as most studios and gyms. The beautiful Sunshine Coast outdoors, away from normal every day pressures and exercising with likeminded and motivated people Bianca claims is a healing atmosphere in itself. “The government should be putting more funding into preventative measures for our health system, instead of footing the bill on the other end after it’s almost too late. I want to turn my own struggle with weight loss into something positive, and if I can reach out and change as many people’s lives as possible, well I’ll feel like I’ve made a difference.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the winner is !!!!!

Bianca aims for perfect body
12:00p.m. 20th May 2009
By Anne-Louise Brown

Bianca Aiono in competition form. Photo:Contributed
Bianca Aiono is looking for a sponsor, preferably one who farms eggs.
In her bid to become one of the world's best natural body builders the 27-year-old personal trainer from Glasshouse Mountains, eats 28 eggs a day, minus the yolks.
"I spend a lot of money on eggs," Bianca jokes. "I just need to find out which restaurant is making a lot of hollandaise sauce and get the leftover egg whites before they get thrown out."
Bianca competed at the International Natural Bodybuilding Titles on Sunday and won the Intermediate Figure Category.
The title has eluded her for the past two years as Bianca struggled to meet her strict diet and exercise regime.
"I didn't believe I could do it, which meant I just wasn't lean enough to stand up on stage in bikinis and stripper heels and have a group of strangers give me a point for every fault I had," Bianca said.
"This time I started preparing months earlier and did a lot of soul searching and figured out accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is the best fat burner of all."
She trains at least 20 hours a week, incorporating weights and cross training.
Bianca represented Australia in swimming and volleyball before discovering body building. She was unhappy with her weight, which was 84kg, and wanted to trim down. She now weighs 68kg.
"When I was 24 I was overweight and wanted to improve my body. I got into bodybuilding and loved it – then it became an obsession," Bianca said.
"Bianca heads to the Gold Coast on May 30 for the Asia Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Titles, where she is hoping for a win.
Brekky with Bianca
What Bianca eats every day:
Breakfast: Protein pancakes made from 10 egg whites and half a cup of oats
Morning snack: Grilled chicken breast with vegetables
Lunch: Omelette made from 10 egg whites and vegetables
Afternoon snack: Grilled fish and vegetables
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and vegetables
Supper: Omelette made with eight egg whites

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nothing Tastes Sweeter Than Success After Sacrifice

Okay so what do I mean by that ?
A while ago I was preparing for a competition, and really putting myself through the ringer, i didn't look good enough, this was too hard, there is more important things in life ..... well basically it was excuse after excuse. I thought to myself - jeez wouldn't it be nice to be less driven... i could relax for once ! So after my october comp, i did exactly that.
I've always said to people if I could get away with it I'd eat a packet of tim tams a day ! My lil sis Sash and I said you're only truly an Aiono if you can eat lollies and chocolate before 6am. And that's exactly what i had for breakfast Christmas day he he .
But after a while, as my body reflected my eating habits, everything got softer, and bigger, my energy levels were destroyed in the afternoon.... by the by - I can NOT BELIEVE that people put themselves through that kind of blood sugar high and low every day. No wonder everyone gets addicted to caffeine and chocolate. I was back to the old days when I worked as a personal trainer in bris and i needed a nanna nap every afternoon ( i went hours without eating and when I did it was something like a high GI brumby's pizza roll )

And as I ate everything under the sun that I thought that i wanted, "ooh i haven't had a beefy's chunky steak pie in about 3 years! - let's have a go at that " and "oooh I haven't had cold rock in ages let's have that too and a caramel chocolate slice" (uuughh i feel sick ! )
Then it turned around i had no idea how to eat NORMALLY. It was that typical "i'm on a strict diet" & then "wooo hooo! i'm not on a diet-free-for-all"

So after a while i just realised I'd had enough. I'd had enough of feeling like crap, looking like crap, none of my clothes fitted, i was tired all the time, I hardly trained and i realised THIS JUST ISN'T LIVING!

It was good having that time off because it gave me a little slice of "the grass that was apparently greener on the other side" and it made me realise that "life without drive" was definitely not all that it was cracked up to be.
So now I follow my eating plan 100 % of the time ( it also includes a free meal splurge every weekend mmmmm gourmet pizza and cheesecake n chocolate cold rock icecream nd 1 500 calorie treat during the week)
I wake up before my alarm with plenty of energy every morning which means I have plenty of time to fit everything in.
I train 2 - 3 times a day which means I am looking the leanest I have ever been !
I can work from 4am and go right through to 10:30 am without stopping which means I can do so much more in a day, I am so productive - which is money in my pocket.

I really don't look at people eating their yummy food and wish that I could eat it too, because i know what they're missing out on . I know that there's always a chocolate chip peppermint drumstick still waiting for me at the end of the week - it ain't going anywhere ! But you can never remember how nice that food tasted last month when all you can feel is the dissapointment when you're looking in the mirror.

So yes, my conclusion is that nothing tastes sweeter than achieving a goal after you've done the hard work and missed out on the things " average" people indulge in. It's the drive to do things
that makes your quality of life sweet - not the junk food.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mountain Bike Cardio Sculpt

1hr 10 mins
140 average heart rate, 170 max heart rate
674 calories burnt

Muscles Targeted
Hamstrings & Gluts
In particular : Insertion of hamstrings into gluts - that's where you get that nice little perky butt crease.

This morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach - at no later than 4am ! What ? I can't sleep in anymore, it's too exciting and I think my metabolism must just be "in the zone"! i went to bed at 10:30pm but the nutrition kel's got me on is just spot on i'm thinking ! my body just doesn't need as much rest time to recover. Plus of course the supplements : creatine, l glutamine, branch chain aminos & magnesium to help .

So today I focused on hamstrings by pulling up through my heels and sitting up right, then focused on butt by standing and riding and pushing right through, and also by just sprinting hard and hovering about 1cm off the seat. ow ! That burns
I came back and did 100 butt crunches on the swiss ball which was great for that inner thigh area - boy does that burn.
But i think next time I'm goign to have to do it before and after - to really activate and "wake up" those muscle s and get the most out of the ride.

Okay i better hurry up and eat my protein pancakes - just discovered adding a bit of water keeps the consistency more even and makes the texture more like crepes!

Today is goign to be a good day !