Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Woulda Shoulda Christmas

With all the Christmas cheer going around sometimes it is easy to get swept up in the excess of it all but this year I have found myself holding back watching and observing more. It's funny to hear all the woulda shoulda coulda gunna's out there, except year after year why do I hear all the same things from the same (* types ) of people.... So I suppose there is a lesson in that for myself, what I would tell others would be to harden up, get real with yourself and make an action today in preparation for what you want to be tomorrow.

As this sound self administered advice echoes in my head I get a kick up the bum and realise I'm definitely not immune to being a would shoulda coulda myself. But this year, I have given myself permission to slow down ( some what ) and enjoy this time before the craziness starts again in less than 14 days time! It's all going to finish with a big bang after Summerfield days - my first music festival in 2 years and then theres definitely no rest time for the wicked or the hung-over!

I'm running a "Win a 12 Week Challenge Make Over " competition through Profile Magazine, a very inspiring high quality corporate womens lifestyle magazine up here on the Sunshine Coast. I'm also running a campaign to raise breast cancer awareness with a womens cardio sculpt group and there's heaps of new programs in store for the new year.

On the personal physique scene - I've got 8 weeks after field days to get ready for my photo shoot with Australia's number 1 photographer Check it out, he shoots for fitness mags and yes, for penthouse - but as I very quickly reassured him - I'm not interested in that !

Okay I better go, an inebriated neighbour has just rocked up phlegming "I wish you a merry christmas etc etc " before he comes and slaps me in the face with a burnt sausage ( like he did at our Client Appreciation barbeque last nite ! ) - don't worry i poured the pasta salad down his pants. Just like my mum said - If you play with the big girls you're going to get hurt ! ;)