Monday, March 9, 2009

In the Biggest Loser this week it was interesting to see the two sisters - i think it's Holly and Mel who have decided that they want to go home half way through their challenge. This is a textbook example of showing that the AWAY motivation can be much stronger than the TOWARD motivation.

Scroll back to those girls when they first started, they wanted to lose 25+ kilos, they desperately wanted it, so much so that they put themselves on national television through nightmarish training sessions and have found themselves having lost 10 or so kilos, they're feeling better about themselves and it's all seeming a little too hard...

So they make up a reason why they think they should go home so that they can pretend that they are more nobler than they actually are. They said that other people deserved to be there more than them, and they wanted to go home.
Actually, they are as the blue guy said - Quitters. Pretty spineless really I think . For them to say that they can continue their journey on their own at home, is unrealistic. The lifestyle habits that got the girls in there in the first place are just waiting for them upon their return.

My prediction is that they'll go home, love how they're looking, and it's all a little less urgent to lose the weight, it's all a little bit too comfortable to stay at home with their partners instead of training and hey who has time for 4 to 6 hours a day of training in the real world unless you're a real athlete. I beleive they will look back on that day they decided to go home and realise that was the point, the cross roads where they lost the chance of achieveing a permanent realistic weight solution... and it's something tehy will always regret.

So ... a lesson to learn for the rest of us
When everything seems a little bit hard, when you have enjoyed some success, know that you need a little bit more, but kinda can't really get motivated to push through the tuff stuff.. THIS is the time you need to go HARDER! Imagine it's like a little uphill part before a massive downhill, get through this part and you will achieve these results for life. It's all down hill after that little bit more of a fire up for my GROUPIES at Beerwah and Kawana.

We've got Coast VS Country on Monday week 13 That's April 6th at 6:30pm at Glass House Tennis Courts on Steve Irwin way for the beep test and agility tests.

Prizes will be awarded for the most improved and the Ultimate Total Body Transformer!
One lucky winner will receive a $250 Heart Rate Monitor that tracks your calorie expenditure throughout the workout so if you DO slip up and have a choccie - you know how hard you have to work in that session to work it off. I have used it for the past 4 days whilst adding in extra bike sessions and it's the MOST body fat I have EVER lost in 4 days. I can't believe how much extra I have tightened up ... it's definitely pushed me over the edge of looking like a figure girl that's kinda outta shape and a professional athlete working up to a comp.

Keep it going guys you all inspire me too !