Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mountain Bike Cardio Sculpt

1hr 10 mins
140 average heart rate, 170 max heart rate
674 calories burnt

Muscles Targeted
Hamstrings & Gluts
In particular : Insertion of hamstrings into gluts - that's where you get that nice little perky butt crease.

This morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach - at no later than 4am ! What ? I can't sleep in anymore, it's too exciting and I think my metabolism must just be "in the zone"! i went to bed at 10:30pm but the nutrition kel's got me on is just spot on i'm thinking ! my body just doesn't need as much rest time to recover. Plus of course the supplements : creatine, l glutamine, branch chain aminos & magnesium to help .

So today I focused on hamstrings by pulling up through my heels and sitting up right, then focused on butt by standing and riding and pushing right through, and also by just sprinting hard and hovering about 1cm off the seat. ow ! That burns
I came back and did 100 butt crunches on the swiss ball which was great for that inner thigh area - boy does that burn.
But i think next time I'm goign to have to do it before and after - to really activate and "wake up" those muscle s and get the most out of the ride.

Okay i better hurry up and eat my protein pancakes - just discovered adding a bit of water keeps the consistency more even and makes the texture more like crepes!

Today is goign to be a good day !

Fitness vow to avoid wedding day blues : Sunday Mail Article 18/4/09

BRIDES have often gone the extra yard to lose weight for their wedding, but now bridesmaids are also being told to shape up or ship out of the wedding pictures.
Plans for the big day can now include hiring a personal trainer or attending bridal boot camps to ensure no one is bursting at their satin seams in photos for the wedding album.
"No one wants to have fat wedding photos," said Bianca Aiono, a personal trainer on the Sunshine Coast who is working with more bridal parties than ever before.
"I think everyone's so motivated to have those photos that they can really remember and be confident in," she said.

Ms Aiono said many bridesmaids felt like they would be letting the bride down if they didn't lose weight. But it's not just the bridesmaids who are being forced to shape up.
"I've had plenty of women bring their men to me because they want them to look their best in the photos, too," she said.
Fernwood Women's Health Clubs also run a special program for brides and their bridesmaids called Operation Wedding Dress.
"It's growing in popularity. I think there's a lot more pressure placed on the bridal party from the brides these days to look their best," said Nic Linford, Fernwood's national programs manager.
Sunshine Coast bride Sarah Torrisi, 23, got married on Friday and had her six bridesmaids in personal training for the past two months to get ready for the big day.
She even had a 6am final boot-camp session planned for the wedding day but it was too much to fit into the day.
"I wanted us to feel better and fitter and to look good for the wedding," she said.
One of her bridesmaids, Megan Duckworth, 23, of Maroochydore, said she lost around 4kg and had become a lot more toned.
"Sarah had been getting trained and was having some great results and she told me to give it a try," she said.
"It's really great, training with friends and having a goal."
Fellow bridesmaid Stacey Schultz, 24, also of Maroochydore, said she wanted to make sure she looked her best for her friend.
"It's a good girl session and all the bridesmaids get to mingle and it's a bit of fun," she said.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Count Down

I'm getting ready for my next comp and I just can't believe how much you really can achieve in a day when your nutrition is spot on. This morning I had a bit of a sleep in and thought - well jeez how long are you really going to stay in bed for ! And i woke up at the very inhumane time of 3:45am and went for a bike ride at 4 . Crazy hey ! Well, i'm eating very clean ( no sauces, nothing processed, no sugar ) lots of egg whites at the moment ( 3 meals of 8 egg whites ) and it's amazing how much training i can get done in a day! 3 and a half to 4 hours each day ! So a run in the morning, with 300 walking lunges and 50 - 100 butt crunches, and maybe some stairs, then i do weights around lunch time with my fabulous trainer kel johnson. and then a bike ride again throught the beautiful glass house mountains in the evening. I love it ! And i love the changes that are happening so rapidly to my body. I didn't have rear delts before ! and my bike pant shorts are gaping open ! All lots of fun !
So better get going to sleep - we've got Cardio Games on the beach tomorrow for group training, then I've got to race up to Twin waters where my clients Sars, Megs & Lily are getting ready for Sars wedding. The Sunday Mail is doing an article on us about how brides are enlisting the whole bridal party into training ! So we gotta take pics and pretend we normally train on the lawn at Twin Waters then they'll get a shot of the same girls all dressed up for the wedding How cool is that !
Happy Kristie ! I've written an extra blog just especiallly for you!