Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mountain Bike Cardio Sculpt

1hr 10 mins
140 average heart rate, 170 max heart rate
674 calories burnt

Muscles Targeted
Hamstrings & Gluts
In particular : Insertion of hamstrings into gluts - that's where you get that nice little perky butt crease.

This morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach - at no later than 4am ! What ? I can't sleep in anymore, it's too exciting and I think my metabolism must just be "in the zone"! i went to bed at 10:30pm but the nutrition kel's got me on is just spot on i'm thinking ! my body just doesn't need as much rest time to recover. Plus of course the supplements : creatine, l glutamine, branch chain aminos & magnesium to help .

So today I focused on hamstrings by pulling up through my heels and sitting up right, then focused on butt by standing and riding and pushing right through, and also by just sprinting hard and hovering about 1cm off the seat. ow ! That burns
I came back and did 100 butt crunches on the swiss ball which was great for that inner thigh area - boy does that burn.
But i think next time I'm goign to have to do it before and after - to really activate and "wake up" those muscle s and get the most out of the ride.

Okay i better hurry up and eat my protein pancakes - just discovered adding a bit of water keeps the consistency more even and makes the texture more like crepes!

Today is goign to be a good day !

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