Thursday, July 2, 2009

Personal Trainer Helps Locals Trim Both Waistlines And Shopping Bills

In harsh economic times like these it is often the so called luxuries that are first to
fall by the way side, including gym memberships and personal trainers with potentially disastrous results on Australia’s already generous waistlines. Bianca Aiono from Exclusive Personal Training has made it her mission to show Sunshine Coast residents how they can save money on their food bills, get fit and lose weight in a low cost, money back guaranteed 12 week program. The program provides a support network to corporate workers and families that not only helps reduce medical costs in the long term but also shows participants how they can still get fit and have fun on a shoe string budget.

Bianca says “ Cardiovascular disease is Australia’s biggest killer costing our country
over 7 billion dollars each year, so it just makes me so angry when times get tough people are forced to cut back on their health and fitness programs. What is that going to cost our country in the long term?” Bianca says her own weight loss struggle from overweight teen to champion Body Sculptor has lasted over ten years and is the foundation of her training and nutritional system which she says works for everybody, every time. Bianca has so much faith in the accountability and fun atmosphere her group training sessions provide she offers a 100% money back guarantee that her participants will get the results they want. To prove it to local residents Bianca is offering one free week of Small Group Personal Training and a free fitness consultation to our readers when they contact her on 0433 147 833 or by visiting .

Karli Styles, a self employed graphic designer from Landsborough lost 5 kilos with Bianca’s
program. “ At first I was worried about meeting the costs of both a fitness program and the food for a healthy eating plan but the kids can eat the same food I’m eating. Also, now that I don’t buy so much extra processed junk I’m actually saving money on my grocery bills.” Bronwyn Reifit a single mum of 3 from Caloundra West was also concerned with her childrens eating habits before joining the program. Bronwyn says “ I’ve lost over 12 kilos and have heaps more energy with the eating plan and the kids are really happy. The lifestyle changes we’ve made together have helped us all as a family. I didn’t realise I was actually wasting $50 a week or more by eating convenience foods”

29 year old Brooke Sugars from Currimundi says “Before joining Exclusive Personal Training group sessions I used to spend $100 a week on smokes, so now that I’ve quit it’s like Bianca’s actually paying me $40 just to exercise ! I love training outside I just couldn’t go back to a gym now. “

Bianca explains because her programs are held in parks and at people’s homes they don’t
have the same overheads as most studios and gyms. The beautiful Sunshine Coast outdoors, away from normal every day pressures and exercising with likeminded and motivated people Bianca claims is a healing atmosphere in itself. “The government should be putting more funding into preventative measures for our health system, instead of footing the bill on the other end after it’s almost too late. I want to turn my own struggle with weight loss into something positive, and if I can reach out and change as many people’s lives as possible, well I’ll feel like I’ve made a difference.”

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