Thursday, August 6, 2009

Successful People Do The Things That Unsuccessful People Won't

Okay it's true. When my alarm woke me up at 4:45am I cursed Sammy. I cursed her to the high heavens for getting me up out of bed to bring the tyres to training this morning ( i live a 30 minute drive away from where we train everyone ) .

" But everyone wants the tyres back " i could hear her nagging voice in my head . ( and I could even see a little version of her sticking her fingers up to her face, blowing me a raspberry and saying ner ner ne ner nerrr! )

But I decided to just suck it up, had a shower, had a coffee woke myself and got on my way.

Even though it was dark when I arrived at 5:45 there was an element of ooooh what's going to happen next when I saw the dimly lit point cartwright grounds. Then I realised... this is the kind of things that successful people do, they committ to a goal and set off on a pre-determined path , only focusing on one step at a time. This is how mountains are climbed, how personal bests are achieved and how world records are broken.

I realised... this is the kind of feeling an Olympic Swimmer feels just before diving into the pool for an extra early morning session session in the middle of winter knowing that their rivals are
still snuggled in bed.

These are the things that you do that make other people (friends, family, neighbours, workmates ) look at you like you're crazy, and they wouldnt change places with us for the world.

Until summer comes, and they are feeling fat and frumpy, tired and lethargic and you come bouncing in full of energy, high on the efforts of your morning achievements, looking toned and sculpted and like you are in the prime of your life !

That's what it's all about folks.

It's about doing the things that unsuccesful people can't be bothered to do.

And then it's about reaping the rewards and then flaunting it in their face

I am so joking about the flaunting in their face bit .

( well, it would be fun to flaunt it just a little bit hey ? *strum fingers maliciously like Mr Burns* )

But seriously, this mornings training session and the dedicated clients who wake up in the morning, fight the mist, the wind chill and the darkness inspired me to go on the hardest run i've done in the past 6 weeks.

And damn it felt good !

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  1. Thanks B, we appreciate what you guys do for us day in day out. You keep us motivated, enthused and always wanting more...bring it on! Kristy C